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We will continue to put our best efforts forward in putting an end to sexual violence.Pour le service en Français fourni par les professionnels de la santé non réglementés, s’il vous plaît contactez Oasis des Femmes a (416) 591-6565 ou veuillez rejoindre la ligne de soutien pour les femmes à 1 8.It may take 2-3 business days for the completion of the Safe Sport certification to be updated in your Webpoint record.You may want to print out your certification at the completion of the course and present it to you regional office or tournament director as proof of completion.Please note that our office is closed every Friday.It is closed due to lack of funding as Kathleen Wynn is refusing to provide funds for sexual violence .With unusual foresight my grandfather realised that the cottages on his estate were an important capital asset and in the years following the Second World War when new housing was desperately needed, he gradually sold them off, using the profits to purchase the most modern agricultural machinery.


USA Volleyball requires the reporting of sexual misconduct by or of any member and strongly encourages reporting of any concerns related to Safe Sport.Services in French are offered/available at Hope 24/7 through an interpreter.



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