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I had bought another program online(Flash Cards), after 5 hours studying them I realized their had to be a better way. The organization of the lessonshelp to eliminate the redundancy that other courses seemed to ignore.

I spent a couple hours each night going through the material. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone trying to gain real knowledge of insurance concepts and how to apply them. My only requests would be if you wanted to review a chapter you could do so without having to take the quizzes again and when you take the practice exam you be provided with a review of all of your questions and answers.

One more piece of feedback would be to have more variation in the practice exam questions.

I took it several times and probably 65-70% of the exam was the exact same questions...which made me already know the answer even if I truly didn't understand the concept.

I really was impressed at how you could take your time and review over and over, the material.

Recommend to take notes in order to understand each concept of insurance that is explained in each example of voice overs.All Glory to God because He favored me through the exam.I Just finished the course and I am very excited it actually took me 4 months to do this.The course was very informative and had in depth material.


It is helpful when you need to go back and review areas that you are weak in. I especially liked how you can go at you're own pace in the comfort of you're own home. Thanks This course was excellent in detailing each type of insurance as well as the laws around them.

Jeremiah Kelly, Aug 26th, 2017 I Just finished the course and I am very excited it actually took me 4 months to do this.



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