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And for that reason Richeson and her son created Jennifer Ann's Group.The website has various resources that can inform those dealing with teen violence including warning signs and free video games dealing with dating topics."Our theme this year was consent," Richeson said.Richeson said the different video games can teach anyone from high school teens to elementary school students."I think that parents still need to understand that regardless about what they believe about their child they have to understand that there's a lot of things that go on that they aren't aware of and there's never too young an age to talk about these things; you just need to talk about it in age-appropriate ways," Richeson said.

Boston Public Health Commission Executive Director Barbara Ferrer talks to “48 Hours” about what parents need to know about teen dating abuse, the impact of social media, and the importance of healthy dating relationships. “Everybody’s electronically communicating about it. And what it tends to do is exacerbate the entirety of the situation.

The Lauren Dunne Astley Memorial Fund was created by her parents.


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