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That idea lead to the founding of one of the largest delivery services in the world.

Fed Ex was founded under the name Federal Express in 1971 by current CEO Frederick W. The company began by offering document and small package service to 25 cities via Falcon 20 jets.

Thank You, Raymond Mcgee Sent from Mail for Windows 10 By the way This was to be a MOTHER”S DAY GIFT Further more I was to receive 2 packages Tracking #’s 431243108124310825 It Was stated that they were delivered Fed Ex ground Not true .

I contacted the Shipper and they sent out replacements for these.

The Maintenance Supervisor witnessed this and came over and started to yell at him, (rightfully so, he was wrong) he then asked who he worked for.

The manager (who is 68-70 years old) turns and says me. It got to the point where he got into his face and started to point his finger at his face.


We will see By the way This it totally unacceptable and a huge inconvenience as I have a 72lb 6ft x3ft box setting in my house for 2 weeks and have to maneuver around This item.I apologize for your continued inconvenience please let me know if this does not get resolved or if your packages continue to not arrive as scheduled. As for picking packages at other locations, I have a Medical Issue in which I’m unable to drive at this time Trust me If I was able I would not need to other locations, Besides I paid 6 to have these packages delivered to me and not for me to drive 3-4 miles to pick up packages.


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    We respect your personal information and no personal data or information is never disclosed.

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    Whoopi starred in some highly publicized and moderately successful comedies of this time, including Made in America (1993) and Soapdish (1991).

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    Rob loves the fact that Riley is Elvis's granddaughter - that's true Rock'n'Roll royalty in his eyes.' More than just friend?

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