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Gratuze, B., Stein, G., Mc Mahon, A., Al-Quntar, S., Carter, R., Cuttler, R., Drechsler, Ph., Healey, E., Inizan, M.-L.m Mouralis, D., Pernicka, E., Robin, A.2016, The growth of early social networks: Newgeochemical results of obsidian from the Ubaid to Chalcolithic Period in Syria, Iraq and the Gulf, 4/2016, 20-21.By and large, this old folk saying still rings true.Generally, young men are raised to become autonomous beings, and the act is nearly regarded as mandatory to their adult development.When her mother dies, the adult daughter loses her security touchstone.As long as her mother is alive, even if she’s halfway across the country, she’s often only a phone call away.

Among the most eminent guests and keynote speakers were: The event was not only a great opportunity to summarise the Laboratory’s successful activities but also to take a closer look at how it operated.Dietary reconstruction for human remains from settlement features and two cemeteries at Basel-Gasfabrik, Switzerland, , 30, 107-116.


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