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My father was a doctor with state government and was posted 35 km from home. She used to dress up in full nighty at night while kneading the floor and doing all household activities. The more I told myself that I more horny I got now. They were lacy red n smelled a heavenly scent of her cunt smeared with her urine. She had flowers on her hair which smelt of jasmine. What a wonderful thought it was that I had married my mother. When we got home she said that by going round the fire I had married her for seven lives. I felt like kamadeva having sex with my own mother, Rati. I opened my mouth full and took a hearty bite of both her chuchies.

He used to come home only on weekends and sometimes even fortnights went on and he didn’t come. I have rarely seen her in saris, she wears a salwaar kameez usually. But on coming back from boarding college, I started getting sexual enjoyment and I often felt bad at it. I got her pics taken in the day and replaced them with the bodies of the sluts I had and saw my mommy in all those poses. Then I changed my mother’s name in the sexy stories and read them aloud for masturbation. I was an intoxicating smell and I went mad after it. I ate those hair, kissed the panty, sucked it n masturbated. I don’t know whether mom knew it but everyday I stole her used panties and put then back after my share. I got close to her and took her in my arms before planting a full mother son French kiss on her lips. She had nicely shapely white breasts and she had pinkish brown areolas bigger than the rupee coin. Her hands were at the back of my head stroking my hair.


తను నన్ను తన వొళ్ళో పడుకోపెట్టుకుని కబుర్లు చెప్పింది.ఇప్పుడే అటువంటి ఆలోచనలు చేస్తే చదువు పాడవుతుంది నాన్నఅని చెప్పింది.

మా పిన్ని పేరు మాధవి ( పేరు change చేశాను) చాల బాగుంటుంది. తనకు 6 months back marriage అయింది..వాళ్ళ ఆయన లండన్ లో డాక్టర్ గా ప్రాక్టీసు చేస్తున్నాడు. తను ఇంటికి వచ్చినప్పటి నుంచి నాకు పిన్నిని దేంగే అవకాశం దొరకట్లేదు.


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