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The ideal placement is with a family who will give the GSP attention.GSP’s are very devoted, often to the point of dependency. Responsible dog ownership requires no free running dogs, regardless of breed.At Fleming Construction, Inc., we have been providing electrical contracting to the states of Georgia and South Carolina since 1991.As a mid-size electrical contracting business, we specialize in commercial and industrial electrical projects.We only foster animals if the need is clearly extreme.We believe that the GSP is a special breed with special needs and that we who own them can offer a service by screening prospective families.If the GSP does not work out, it must be returned to GSP Rescue.



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Most GSP’s bond well with families, no matter how old they are. AGGRESSION: Aggression is not a typical characteristic of the GSP, and is usually a product of poor socialization, abuse, or the occasional bad genetic combination.


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