Advice about dating an alcoholic funny online dating subject lines

Some are meant to make you think and some are meant to be taken very literally.

Alcoholics Anonymous refers to, “the insanity of our disease.” This is a very literal statement.

Alcoholics are the very best liars because they are able to use rationalization and justification to convince themselves that a lie is truth. They are not aware that they are, if you’ll pardon the term – mind screwing themselves.

Alcoholics adopt a language that facilitates lying in a way that sounds very well intentioned.


The quickest route to self destruction for alcoholics are the words, “Screw it.” This is a declaration that everything is already screwed so they might as well drink.

As alcoholics tend to drink progressively more they will generally conceal the frequency and amount they drink.

They will tell you they only had three glasses of wine and this is true.

They may attend to many things, but in order to do so they must turn their attention away from one thing and toward another.

Multitasking for the alcoholic means making many messes at once. As one area of their life declines they will often focus their attention on it and take it to an extreme.

To observe their behavior is to conclude a belief that the world must owe them something.


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    If nothing else, maybe you will make some new friends to hang out with in the city?

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    This is highly treasured by the men of the modern society from abroad.

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    By the end of the second, we were straining to keep our conversation going, and I was relieved it was over. In fact, it just confirmed what I've been saying for a while: The Beauty-and-the-Beast trope is a myth.

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