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Hiding behind the mattress the officers found 16 people, including five children.Doll was taken to a police station in Folkestone but initially refused to answer questions about why he hired the van.


Laughing, holding bottles of drink and posing with the Albanian flag, the teenagers’ ‘stowaway selfies’ are on pages which can reach 60,000 followers But Flamur Dauti, a school headmaster in the village of Krume, warned Facebook pages were fuelling a false promise. Social media is helping to feed the myth,’ he said.

He added: ‘Although Doll offered no explanation for his behaviour, the judge considered in his sentencing that the motivation was financial.‘Offences like this, where individuals take advantage of the desperation of others for personal gain, are among the worst that we deal with.’ Other images suggest it costs £8,000 to ride in the back of a lorry or £3,000 to hide in the chassis.


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