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The actor's late night talk show 'Up Late With Alec Baldwin' was originally suspended for two weeks immediately following his argument with photographers and journalists outside of his New York City apartment.In a pseudo 'mea culpa' that the actor wrote following his earlier two episode suspension that preceded the announcement of his show's cancellation, Baldwin hinted that it may be taken off the air permanently.


MSNBC has not made any statements about the fate of Bashir's show but the host apologized to Palin and she accepted it.

The inside sources also claimed that Baldwin was overly demanding behind the scenes and said that he required a personal humidifier and his own make up room because a woman who he would have been sharing it with has cancer and a sensitivity to hairspray.


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    ‘I just wish someone would do something about it.’It was Browne-Wilkinson who suggested hiring Mark Bolland, the well-connected 29-year-old director of the Press Complaints Commission, as a spin-doctor. When the two men met, Bolland was offered the post of assistant private secretary.

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