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Cons This is a really emotional business - meaning it's hard to please everyone all the time.Some clients have really unrealistic expectations..we definitely do our best.They are trained to give canned answers to get you off the phone.4.If you work here, you will be expected to strong arm prospective members by making them feel as if their dating possibilities are hopeless unless you join It's Just Lunch.5. Your profile is NOT given the attention you are promised.6.Also if you would extend the national convention in Vegas an extra day that would be great! I am shocked that this company is even in business.I am waiting for the day when I see Dateline or CNN walking into the corporate office in Hallandale, FL and shoving microphones and cameras into the faces of the managers who operate this scam house.You would find a better chance of meeting someone who is compatible at a grocery store. I do not endorse these online sites, I am just speaking from experience with the sites and with It's Just Lunch.7.The turnover in this company is ridiculously high.8.

Advice to Management The monthly incentives are fun and appreciated but I'd also like to do more team building.Further, if you want to be successful you need to put in the time and the work. Matchmakers call old leads and try and con them into joining just to meet a sales goal.


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