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well everything is written already so if somebody else has sometime to waste than its definitely not gonna be here with me n good luck for everyone normal person modest n trying to stay away from problems as much as Im maria hiezel lamorino a widowed for almost 16 years i have 3 grown up children i have 2 grandchildren im working here in morocco as a nail technician im a loving loyal person im searching for my serious lifetimei'm young girl, i'm very sensitive, friendly, i love to discover other cultures and traditions i have average height and weight, i like sportive clothes and jeans.i like modern clothes, but it's not everything for me.hello i'm Fati, i'm 28 years old, friendly, honest, ambitious and sympathetic, right now i'm working in translation office, and i love my job.i'm looking for someone open mind who hasn't have any offensive ormi chiamo Nora e sono del Marocco.Ho 24 anni, ho dei cappelli neri e molto lunghi, occhi castani e ho una carnagione mulatta.As a woman, albeit a visitor, I am subject to many of the rules and customs governing women. I find the laws demeaning and constrictive and hate the fact that in general, women are still treated as property of their male relatives rather than persons in their own right.The more I learn, the more I know I don't wish to be them.Over the years, I've learned to appreciate this profusion of riches, mostly by seeing a lot of the country - I've visited museums and palaces, beaches & deserts, traveled long distances overland by train and bus, shopped in countless souks, and most importantly I've been able to step off the beaten path and have been graciously invited inside people's homes in large cities, small towns, and even in a teeny village in the middle of nowhere southern Morocco where there isn't electricity or running water.

Although my first trip there in 1999 was incredibly exotic and often shocking, I didn't have the luxury of treating the culture as merely an entertaining and colorful pageant.It is the ever present glare of women who have decided that you have stolen one of “theirs.” I’m not so narcissistic as to think there is something special about me, because there’s not however I have overheard and been party to the complaints, stares and cajoles of Moroccan women unhappy with my marriage as well as those who have no problem letting me know that I am the starter wife.


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