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Feature-filled communities was definitely a big thing once.

Heck I rather top up electricity through Alipay, since it was easier than We Chat or some companies didn't have contracts with them.anyway back to your comment, you say they are ahead of Whatsapp and Facebook, but please tell me in what exactly they are ahead, in selling tickets, paying utilities and sending money through messenger app?

“We often see passengers run out of cash on taxi rides,” said association chairman Chan Man-keung.

“With We Chat Pay HK, this pain point can be addressed with a new payment option for taxi fares.” On Monday, Alipay announced a partnership with Hong Kong mobile payment system developers Yed Pay and Valoot Technologies to enable taxis in the city to accept fare settlement via Alipay and Alipay HK, which is a venture backed by Li Ka-shing’s CK Hutchison Holdings.

Picup (South African) Offers simple, reliable, instant delivery service using We Chat's built-in features such as mapping, payments and messaging.

Your mobile becomes a remote control for easy deliveries.

The evil part is that every link you view in wechat must renders exclusively in X5.

Local trade group the Association of Taxi Industry Development has estimated that there are 18,000 taxis operating in the city.

“Alipay and Verifone are exploring additional opportunities to bring Alipay to more taxis in North American cities popular with Chinese travellers,” said Badran, who estimated that more three million mainland visitors will visit the US this year.

“Our research shows that the top 10 destinations for Chinese tourists in the US are New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Washington DC, Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia, New Jersey and Seattle.” At the end of October, 2,100 taxis in Las Vegas accepted Alipay as fare payment.

In addition to being against We Chat values, it's also a big hassle as preinstalls require careful version management.


Due to the popularity of the app and the relatively high cost of data for many low-end users, many of these distributors have voluntarily preinstalled certain popular apps including We Chat as a convenience to their consumers.

Even if the team is lean the article made the product seem very heavy, all-in-one.


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