Amusement park dating sim

Gameplay In Monopoly Tycoon, the player operates a business by owning businesses, apartments, and being landlord to blocks.

The player earns income from selling products and services, housing people in apartments and hotels.

Some of the cards are a simple deposit or withdrawal of money from the player's account.

Other cards allow the player to aid his businesses or harm the opponent, say by restocking one of his stores or giving an opponent block bad publicity.

First you restore the existing buildings then you post a listing for available jobs.

You can build rides or shops, hot dog stands, balloon carts, all kinds of things to build.

It took me forever to get hooked on My Singing Monsters but this one grabbed me hook line and sinker from the get go.

You are restoring your Grandfathers Amusement Park and you start out with a handful of run down tents.


These businesses include an ice cream parlor (1940), an antique store (1940), a delicatessen or deli (1950), a sports store (1950), a music store (1950), a travel agent (1960), a general store (1960), a pharmacy (1960), a department store (1970), a health club (1970), a computer store (1980), cell phone shop (1980), an electronic superstore (1980), and a supermarket (1980).

Income is also generated from rent for any blocks that the player is landlord of, plus utilities and railroads.

Monopoly Tycoon has the same set of blocks as the board game with an additional three.

Every decision is yours as your city gets larger and more intricate.

Make smart choices to keep your citizens happy and your skyline growing. (pounces on Craig, and the fighting starts again, which ends up destroying their hospital room.) Craig: I'm gonna kick your ass!


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