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Spending some time around a billy goat produces a South Park style sensibility to dating...

perhaps the creators learned their dating lessons from said male ovine.

Take roosters: A male may prance and dance, and he may even call out that he’s come across food. Don’t worry; our animal guides have something to say about those, as well.

Stick with us, and, like the homing pigeon, you’ll be headed in the right direction.

Observing some primate behaviors (particularly the Bonobo) in dating may provide a lesson in prostitution (food for sex)and make-up sex and penis fencing.

Penguins also offer dating lessons of a questionable nature.

Put simply, animals don’t deceive each other about their appearance or personality to snag a mate. For example, not unlike mouse lemurs, we also detect the chemical and genetic signature of potential mates through pheromones.

Have you ever seen a wild elk with fake antlers, or a hawk with claw extensions? Two people who are most opposite each other in their immune-fighting genes (Major histocompatibility or MHC) make the best pair.


Being choosy is perhaps the most important rule of thumb for mating in the wild, though, granted, sometimes it takes a lot of searching. They don't settle—they have several relationships before they find a permanent companion.

The site is a revolutionary new dating platform specifically designed for animals, where pet owners can find fluffy, scaly or even prickly partners using e Harmony’s expertise in Compatibility Matching.

Currently in the final stages of development, we’ve been working with WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo over the past year to develop the new platform, uncovering dating rituals and key compatibility factors for animals.

For most wild animals, the effort an individual puts into courting a mate is a key way of showing how much they dig a potential partner. In those cases, when hens arrive at the scene and discover a rooster can’t offer what he said he could (specifically, food), they move on. But even if you follow all of these wild animal "rules," your love life can still go awry.


We humans rarely need to show the same degree of determination as we seek signs of reciprocal interest—and certainly not the lengths to which some male praying mantises take things, sometimes (but unwillingly) providing its own body as food.5. Some animals can talk a good game, but when push comes to shove they can’t back up their chatter. There are many other hurdles to overcome for a relationship to make it in the long run.

You'll find complete galleries of all the samples above in our members section, together with much much more.


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