Annie clark and luke bilyk dating


I just shake my head and grab some food but I do sit at the table with Ais. Tomorrow we'll start shooting and we'll have lots of extras so it looks like the school has more than twenty-five students.Of course Jahmil and Daniel sit with me."So Ais you planning to hang with us tonight? Stefan moves us around a little getting everyone where he wants for the shots tomorrow.Stefan begins by reading the episode title, the slugline, action and character name before the dialog. No big surprises in this episode but we're all happy we don't have the school uniforms anymore.I'm not surprised that Drew gets drunk and then sleeps with Katie and no one is surprised when Eli and Clare get back together. Every time I don't have a scene and can look away from my script I'm waiting Aislinn.I'd also like to welcome a wonderful veteran actor Paul Popowich who will be joining us as a regular this season playing Asher Shostak," Stefan says as we all settle into our seats.The only one not at the table today is Annie but she doesn't have a name plate so she must not be in this episode.Luke Bilyk and Aislinn Paul work together and are close friends but recently their feelings and friendly flirting has amplified.Could there be an off screen romance brewing or will fears & pragmatics get in the way?

But you're right I am going to go over there," I reply getting up."Yeah that's my boy," Daniel grins patting my back as I get up."Go get her lover boy," Alicia teases.(AISLINN)"Come in," I call after hearing a knock on my bedroom door.This is not every actor on the entire series only the ones for season 12 and the ones I will mainly be using in this story:*Aislinn Paul ~ nickname Ais ~ portrays Clare Edwards*Luke Bilyk ~ portrays Drew Torres*Jordan Todosey ~ nickname Jordy ~ portrays Adam Torres*Munro Chambers ~ portrays Eli Goldsworthy (Munro's nicknames are Munreezy and/or Munbreezy but I refuse to call him either of those so I'll stick with Munro in this story)*Justin Kelly ~ nickname JK ~ portrays Jake Martin*Jessica Tyler ~ nickname Jess ~ portrays Jenna Middleton*Daniel Kelly ~ portrays Owen Milligan*Alicia Josipovic ~ nicknames Leesh or Leeshy ~ portrays Bianca De Sousa*Melinda Shankar ~ nickname Mindy ~ portrays Alli Bhandari*Jahmil French ~ portrays Dave Turner*Sam Earle ~ portrays K. Guthrie*AJ Saudin ~ portrays Connor De Laurier*Chloe Rose ~ portrays Katie Matlin*Demetrius Joyette ~ nickname D Mo ~ portrays Mike Dallas*Paul Popowich ~ portrays Asher Shostak*Stefan Brogren ~ portrays Principal Simpson (also produces and directs)*Craig Arnold ~ portrays Luke Baker*Annie Clark ~ portrays Fiona Coyne*Cristine Prosperi ~ portrays Imogen Moreno*Sarah Fisher ~ portrays Becky Baker*Olivia Scriven ~ portrays Maya Matlin*Ricardo Hoyos ~ nickname Sunny ~ portrays Zig Novak*Lyle Lettau ~ portrays Tristan Milligan*Dylan Everett ~ nickname Dyl ~ portrays Campbell Saunders*Alex Steele ~ portrays Tori Santamaria*Jacob Neayem ~ nickname Jake ~ portrays Mo Mashkour*Shanice Banton ~ nickname Shan ~ portrays Marisol Lewis*Ramona Milano ~ portrays Audra Torres If you guys want a glossary of the show biz terms I use let me know I will include it with the next chapter. 1 I Will go Where You Lead(LUKE)"Hey Luke," AJ smiles when I walk into the studio."Hi AJ," I grin and we walk down to the reading room.Okay that should do it and I'm sure most of you knew all of that already but just in case I didn't want anyone to get confused. Ais is in the room already, she's next to the drinks table and talking to Jordy.Every time she looks at me I grin, every time she reacts to something in the script with a giggle or a gasp or even a smile I touch her without even realizing it, a hand on her shoulder, a soft nudge, my knee brushing against hers.


With talking, reactions, script notes and changes it takes about three hours to get through the table read because we do two episodes at a time, although recently all the episodes have been two parters anyway.

But it is hard to know when an actor is "on" and when it's just them.


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