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Here is part of a recent patch note: I am still seeing no actual descriptions or videos or screenshots of any dungeons or raids there is a brief mention in the last 2 sentences of one section.I am curious about this game, and so far I am getting the impression it is completely pvp focused with no pve raiding.There are a couple of instances for around 15 but you can see others running around inside them aswell.Group sizes are 6 peeps and once you get to 25 you start getting more pve group instances.Then you have things like Wo W instances, lets call them dungeons or whatever. Several raid tier instances are already planned, i don't know wether they are accessible right now as I'm still in the mod-30. As for roles and all that, yeah, you have ot be so organized to do Dead Mines and stuff. Now whether or not they are 100% developed I don't know.I think some of them must be implemented already because there were some videos and stuff, but couldn't garantee it. Most people haven't hit the cap and the end dungeons haven't been touched by more then a handfull, so you're not goign to get much information about that yet. But Ao C doesn't even offer anything to do at all at 80, besides from ganking lowlevels and grinding materials for the guild city. Pretty sure it's more like 30-80, and no, they are not all bugged. Toirdealbach's Crypt, Kylikki's Crypt, Yakhmar's Cave, The Dragon's Lair, Black Ring Citadel, and Thoth Amon's Stronghold are all raiding dungeons. Ganking low levels..that's what people like you would do at 80.There is a few bugged 5man instances, but it's mainly for level 50-60. You really ought to stop acting like you know something about Ao C. I suppose you could run them with fewer but at the dungeon level it is intended for 6. Second of all, who are you to say there are no useful 6-mans or other things to do at level 80? I believe I read somewhere(but don't quote me on it) that raid groups could be as big as 45-50 people. The good players would kill others their own level or do some Pv P minigames for a real challenge if there are no sieges yet.


There was a contest to see who could bag the first kill on onyxia, the winning group/guild would have their guild name reserved across ever server.

Not they are planning it later I want to know what it is like now.

Can anyone that is playing it tell me what the dungeons are like?

You can be in the same instance but not with your group and you have a list of instances above your map to choose, kind of like different instance servers. So the instances you talk about are just the questing areas, but you can group up, and put it on epic mode to make those areas harder?

I have not tried epic mode yet but apparently you need a full group of 6 to handle it which sounds good to me ^what?? So from what has been said instances in this game are like if I compared it to Wo W it would be like Loch Modan being its' own instance, and I could set that to epic, and group up, and run around with 5 other people.Alright I think I am getting a clearer picture, and I would say that it has nothing like a traditional 5 man dungeon in Wo W, and endgaming right now is attacking battle keeps that other players control.


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