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Next, your tour takes you to Covent Garden and on to Leicester Square and then Trafalgar Square.From there you enter busy Piccadilly Circus before proceeding to quiet Green Park on your way to Buckingham Palace.During your one-hour Sherlock Holmes Virtual Walk you'll visit the location where John Watson encountered his old chum, Mike Stanford, sitting on a park bench.It was Stanford who told John that Sherlock Holmes was looking for a flat-mate.Walking Tour of Paris is so full of details that you'll notice something new every time you view it.During your 60 minute Walking Tour of Paris, you'll begin on the Left Bank of the Seine, walk past Notre Dame Cathedral, visit the outdoor booksellers along the Seine, walk through the courtyard of the Louvre Museum, through the gardens of the Tuileries, walk along the Champs-Elysées with its exclusive shops and sidewalk cafes, stop to admire the Arch of Triumph, visit the beautiful Luxembourg Gardens, push your way through the crowded streets of Montmartre, and last but not least, visit the Eiffel Tower at twilight along with hundreds of Parisians.Click the "Buy Now" button to pay for and download the London Walking Tour video.


And, if you have visited Paris in the past, then you'll enjoy recalling the wonderful memories you made there!

Most of these villages date back to the Middle Ages and for one village, Lacoste, time appears to be standing still.

But each one has its own unique history and charm - so much so that 3 of the villages have been designated, "L'un Des Plus Beaux Villages de France" by the French.

Click the "Buy Now" button to pay for and download the Provence Villages Walk video.

This video will take you on a one hour Walking Tour to many of the famous sites and locations in London.Click the "Buy Now" button to pay for and download the Paris Walking Tour video.


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