Arpwatch ethercode dat updating


nmap-mac-prefixes Sat, 0000 • (481,713 bytes) • ASCII The nmap-mac-prefixes file is used by Nmap to output meaningful OUI vendor names for MAC addresses it detects by matching the three-byte prefix taken from the MAC address and looking for a match in nmap-mac-prefixes file. The Nmap nmap-mac-prefixes file can typically be found in /usr/share/nmap/ on most Linux distributions.

An example of this can be seen by performing a nmap scan of a local network.

All network cards are manufactured with a unique MAC address and this allows Arpwatch to identify each device.

The main purpose of mapping a network like this is so the system administrator can keep track of the devices on a network and identify when there are networking issues.

Let's try changing the email account Arpwatch will use for email notifications.

Make sure you use a user account or an email address that exists or Arpwatch will not send notifications to you.


The Slack FAQ is also very helpful for Slackware users struggling to install a Slack Build.

Arpwatch allows a system to track IP address pairings.


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