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Director says he was told to avoid casting two actresses in Lord of the Rings because they were difficult to work with.

Several of Weinstein’s accusers claim their careers were ruined after they refused his advances Peter Jackson has admitted he blacklisted actresses Ashley Judd and Mira Sorvino after a "smear campaign" orchestrated by Harvey Weinstein.

"I recall Miramax telling us they [Ms Judd and fellow actress Mira Sorvino] telling us they were a nightmare to work with and we should avoid them at all costs," he said.

As a direct result of the smear, both women were removed from the casting list, he said.


Ashley accused movie mogul Harvey Weinstein of alleged sexual assault in a October in a New York Times story, revealing the incident happened 20 years ago when she filmed the movie Kiss The Girls.

Jackson, who directed the successful casting list as a direct result of the smear.

"At the time, we had no reason to question what these guys were telling us," he said.

“With those baseless smears, Weinstein succeeded in blacklisting Ms.

Judd and destroying her ability to work on what became a multi-billion-dollar franchise with 17 Academy Award wins and many more nominations”, the complaint, reviewed by Reuters, says.

Weinstein has been at the centre of a criminal investigation by police in New York, Los Angeles and London after more than 50 women - including Judd and Sorvino - came forward to accuse him of sexual misconduct, assault and rape.


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