Asian dating realm


Then there were some items where (like body or facial hair) it didn’t matter either way, just that if you had facial hair, it was trimmed and not a scraggly rat’s nest.

It’s the Polarizing Effect where you want people to either hate you or love you, but you don’t want them to feel lukewarm towards you. Be sure to white list our email and check your spam so we can review your score, why you got the score that you did, and what you can do about it.

This is not a myth, I am looking for reference and will update my answer once I have it.

Failure in the realm of dating - Well, this failure can be attributed to the fact that our society is very closed.

For example, wearing colored eye contacts will turn on some girls while freaking out others.

Same thing what happens with peacocking with items from Hot Topic and such.

In this particular calculator, we just made it a positive, but be aware that those items are polarizing to women and can swing you either way.

And from there, you’ll know if you’ve “got it made” or where you need to work on in order to be a more successful, confident, and romantically happy Asian man.

Note 1: This is for calculating your dating market value in relation to other non-Asian women, it will still apply to Asian women with some few differences (like how Asian women will understand why you live with your parents and not give you negative points, but every other women will judge you harshly).

After having seen some other nations, I feel that the openness that Indonesia or Kenya or Thailand or Vietnam has in the sense of opposite sex interaction, we are far behind (its very common for a woman to talk about their sex life with men who are their friends). If you opine differently, you are most welcome to comment, but politely.


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