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Therefore if you either tire from answering or ignoring all the wrong people and if you want to improve the interest shown to you from qualified respondents, then start by using your header to filter out the riff . For example: If you know you want a person of a certain age, ask for it.Though it is best to be positive rather than negative in your online dating profile, header included, you may be able to jokingly pull off the need-not-apply header. "Looking for fit 24-30 year old male within 20 miles of Los Angeles".By creating a filter, when a person who doesn't match your criteria reads your header they are likely to continue on.Yet when a "fit 24-30 year old local male" reads the header, it attracts him because he meets your criteria.However for some people, this will be a relatively easy exercise, whilst others find this kind of thing more difficult and tedious than writing the full essays.In fact, most online are powerful and can really help in grabbing the attention of a potential cyber-suitor. Use your Essay Take the first line of you essay, and use it from your tagline.More examples will be stated in the following sections.


Keep your audience in mind - If you are targeting women in their , this would be a logical thing to do.I tend to create a new and clever profile header on a weekly basis since someone who may have initially passed me by, might certainly stop now.


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    I am a creative person and I am interested about many things in life...

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    We take a casual approach to dating and put your pleasure first!

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    Paradoxically, he is irrationally fearful of relatively harmless 'phenomena' - such as ghosts or dead bodies.

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    Our sympathies also, are with the family of Jake Burns.

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    After about two hours, we'll stop for lunch and have a free afternoon in the Pacaymayo valley.

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