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This means that once complete, you’ll have the best experience on the nbn with local routing and optimal paths. We’ll shortly be releasing a tool which will allow you to check when your area will become on net and will allow you to register for updates.

We also have a couple of other useful tools in the pipeline for customers still waiting for the nbn to arrive at their premises.

A truly national network We currently have points of presence in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide and Darwin and are presently building Perth, Brisbane & Hobart.

We peer with all major peering exchanges in each state and are adding domestic and international transit bandwidth into Sydney and Perth to complement our major Melbourne gateways.

This gives us very granular control over all of the links and what capacities we supply. The rollout has been progressing for some time now but is not moving quite as quickly as we would like.

Currently we expect to have most areas live between January and March 2017.

The number of available premises on the nbn network is going to double in size over the next 12 months so it’s going to be huge! On a personal note, December 2016 marks 20 years in the ISP and Telco industry for me, and I’ve been an active member of the Whirlpool community since 2002.

After starting a dialup ISP with 8 lines and a 64 Kbit transit link to the net, I find it amazing to see where our industry is today, and l feel the best part is just about to come. 100/40 is available for all FTTN users, but because of the way the copper network is, some connections are physically not able to get 100/40. If we had all FTTP, then that problem wouldn't exist.

Currently we use a shared Optus network where they aggregate a number of wholesale customers and haul the traffic back from the 121 POIs to Sydney. This method only lets us control the bandwidth into the Optus nbn network, not to each individual POI.

What you are doing for everyday Aussies is great and I hope that this will continue to allow ABB to flourish further. Proud to be a Aussie customer, I'm one of the fortunate ones to currently be part of your 'on-net' areas (Cranbourne), and can't fault your speeds or customer service. Do me a favour and ask Telstra to fix their West Coast Hurricane Electric traffic path which is going via Singapore (it does this for your customers too). 100/40 is available as John said to all FTTN users as a product but the speeds vary based on copper quality and line length, this doesn't change any of that.


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