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Some email frauds/scams can seem extremely convincing, hence their effectiveness for criminals.

The AFP suggests that you treat phishing emails as spam delete them without opening.

The Mule is then provided with instructions on how and where to forward the goods, and is promised payment of up to ,000 per week for their services.

Mules unknowingly ship this equipment off, normally to an overseas address, and are often not paid for this "employment".

'Mule Recruitment' is an attempt to get a person to receive stolen funds using his or her bank account, and then transfer those funds to criminals overseas.

Usually, criminals send out millions of fraudulent job and employment emails to random email addresses, in the hope of involving unsuspecting, innocent persons in their criminal activity.

Spam emails are a proven method for distributing viruses and other unwanted programs.


If you have received money in your bank account, transferred or attempted to transfer money overseas under these circumstances, please contact your financial institution immediately.The new methodology expands on existing money laundering scams; criminals advertise jobs on popular employment or job-seeking websites, online in chat rooms or through unsolicited employment emails.


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