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Be on the lookout for such discounts in the backs of the small magazines that come in your resort welcome packet.

Other guests have reported seeing Bounce Back Offers on the Disney information channel on your resort television or have been emailed with Bounce Back Offers while still on vacation.

When making your Walt Disney World reservation, you always have the ability to apply eligible discounts but may only use one at a time.

Often, couples store them away on a bookshelf — which isn't a great way to remember your big day.You have the ability to cancel your Bounce Back Offer and go with the new Free Dining offer. I always book through my travel agent, if I book a Bounce Back does this mean I can’t work with them? As a matter of fact there are one of two ways this works.If you call up directly to book your Bounce Back Offer and you are currently visiting on a package booked through an agent, the package booked for the Bounce Back will automatically be attributed to that same agent. That means that once you get back from holiday they will be there to help you plan the next one!Bounce Back Offers are unique discounts only given to those that are currently on vacation at Walt Disney World.


Bounce Backs provide a nice discount should you decide to book your next trip to Disney before your current vacation is even finished.If none of these avenues seem open to you try dialing Ext 8844 from your resort room phone to find out what the current offer is or visit the Front Desk of your resort to inquire. For instance, the current Bounce Back on offer at Walt Disney World began running in October and is set to expire August 15th 2017.


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