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Even though answering the additional questions about views, lifestyle, and goals is fun, some members might find this taxing.They could choose to skip this part entirely since it is not mandatory.This also makes it easier for people who are afraid of making the first move.By using JUST ask, you just have to sit back and wait for responses, and let the conversation flow. The Be2 Index is used to evaluate your degree of compatibility with another person. You can read more details about this on the right side of any profile you visit under "More details about matching".When you upgrade to a premium membership, your subscription automatically renews before it expires.


After the test at registration, you are given an analysis of your personality and a description of your ideal partner.

Because the system relies on how many registered recently and how many are compatible with you, only a few new matches are added to your existing list everyday.

Your Be2 Index and compatibility analysis with other users is very detailed and free of charge.

If you've already found a match on Be2 and want to cancel, note that the cancellation period is 14 days.

If you don't get to establish contact with at least 10 matches as Be2 promised, they will extend your premium membership for free.The scientific personality assessment is free of charge and gives you an insight into your own character.


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