Biblical teaching on dating and courtship

God did not intend for women to become shrinks, messing with other people's brains.

God did not intend for women to join the army and go through boot camp, crawling under barbed wire and learning how to fire an AK47 rifle.


Please don't misunderstand, the man is in charge of the family; but the wife plays a key role in guiding her home as 1st Timothy teaches.A home needs rules to live by, just as a society needs laws. Then they were inspired to join the Playboy lifestyle of sexual immorality and abort their babies instead of becoming mothers.


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    My marriage had been sexless for the last 10 years no intimacy just friendship.

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    I was sexually and physically abused as a kid, and raped in my early 20s.

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    After 1974, for example, many al-Azhar ulama, who had acquiesced to family planning initiatives in the 1960s, openly criticized government efforts at population control.

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    Also, it comes from Ben Stiller as an executice producer and one of the hottest indie director out there right now Michael Showalter: other positive signs going for it. That’s when they thought of a series involving a guide-dog program. We don’t meet so many characters like her, especially on The CW. I don’t know her, she gratuated from acting school just two years ago but she sounds like the new CW discovery everybody will be raving about, like Gina Rodriguez & Rachel Bloom before. Of course, it opens up the possiblity of a love story between Murphy and Dean. Can’t say it’s dealt with subtlety but at least there’s dignity and a substantive issue behind the fun entertainment that this pilot is.

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