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I thought I had to give it another shot for the man I loved, our dogs, cat and the life we had built together.


We calmed him down and then he promised to take his meds, do everything right and that he loved me more than anything and would do whatever it takes to make it work. Well, we are now in April and I am noticing all the subtle changes.

I cannot imagine having human kids (but yet I think about it) and dealing with the roller coaster ride I have been on.

I know if and when I leave I will leave with the clothes on my back and probably half the debt since I just do not have the energy to fight for anything.

I told him the appointment was for me (it is) and if he wanted to join he could.

He thinks his own Dr is a total quack and has no respect for him.We lost one of them in December and the other one is pretty old and I hope he will never pass on but I do think how I will not have any ties after that.


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