Black men dating outside their race


Source: Wikipedia Black Emigration to Liberia Over the objections of the A. First Black Patent Granted Thomas Jennings invents a dry cleaning process. Nat Turner’s Rebellion Claiming he is called upon to deliver his people, Nat Turner leads 60 men in a two-day rebellion in Southampton County, Virginia.Turner claims the spirit of the Old Testament called on him to deliver his people.This manifesto calls for the “removal” of the Mormons.Among other things it says: “In a late number of the Star, published in Independence by the leaders of the sect, there is an article inviting free Negroes and mulattoes from other states to become “Mormons,” and remove and settle among us. It manifests a desire on the part of their society, to inflict on our society an injury that they know would be to us entirely insupportable, and one of the surest means of driving us from the country; for it would require none of the supernatural gifts that they pretend to, to see that the introduction of such a caste among us would corrupt our blacks, and instigate them to bloodshed.””…we believe it a duty we owe to ourselves, our wives, and children, to the cause of public morals, to remove them from among us, as we are not prepared to give up our pleasant places and goodly possessions to them or to receive into the bosom of our families, as fit companions for wives and daughters, the degraded and corrupted free Negroes and mulattos that are now invited to settle among us.””…we agree to use such means as may be sufficient to remove them, and to that and we each pledge to each other are bodily powers, our lives, fortunes and sacred honors.” D&C 1 Revealed 79: Therefore, it is not right that any man should be in bondage one to another.Methodist Ministers are Slaveholders “In 1843, 1,200 Methodist ministers owned 1,500 slaves, and 25,000 members owned 208,000 slaves…the Methodist Church as a whole remained silent and neutral on the issue of slavery.” ( at: New Methodist Splinter Group Forms Over Slavery Members of the Methodist Episcopal Church leave to form the Wesleyan Methodist Church in America.The split is caused primarily by the slavery issue. Ball, a black man, held the priesthood and served as president of the Boston Branch from 1844 to 1845. Green Flake Baptized Green Flake is the slave of James Madison Flake, a convert to the LDS Church.(Source: Official AME Church history) American Colonization Society Formed At the urging of Charles Fenton Mercer, a Federalist member of the Virginia state assembly, Presbyterian minister Robert Finley helps found the organization that is devoted to bring free blacks from the United States to what would later be Liberia.

Missouri is a slave state that beat any free black crossing into or out of Missouri with 10 lashes on his or her bare back.Walker Lewis Ordained an Elder There are two conflicting accounts of the ordination of Lewis, a black man in Lowell, MA. Joseph Smith Runs for President Campaigns on an anti-slavery platform.According to a letter from William Appleby to Brigham Young dated June 2, 1847, William Smith, brother to Joseph Smith, ordains him, but according to Jane Elizabeth James written Feb. “[We] hold[s] these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal;…but at the same time some two or three millions of people are held as slaves for life, because the spirit in them is covered with a darker skin than ours.” Joseph proposes the sale of public lands to pay for the release of every slave and to abolish slavery by 1850.The church had reneged on an earlier decision to forbid members to own slaves. At the age of 15 Green is baptized, but remains a slave.

Green remains a faithful member of the Church throughout his life.

Turner remains at large for two months, until he is captured, tried, and hanged.


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