C updating an access data base


In fact I can update the database while the program is still running, changing Fred to Lisa, and because in this case it always queries the database every time the button is pressed the results will update. We're a friendly computing community, bustling with knowledgeable members to help solve your tech questions.I am using a local instance of an access database that doesn’t require any real credentials to access. Ole Db namespace so we get to use Ole Db Connection as well as other classes you will see later.All we need is to tell it which driver to use and where to find the database file. Then we give it the connection string and open the connection…


First thing to check is the runtime path of the Access file that you're actually updating. NET, that the MDB file is part of your project, and that the "Copy Local" option is set to true on the MDB file, then it could just be that every time you run your program you overwrite the updates from the last execution. Have you tried the second sequence using literal values instead of using all teh variables? Also, FYI, you don't need all of those To String() calls there.



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