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He said he "had spent the night in Spain" and "it was thirsty work" - when he demanded a drink. After a week at Westminster the whole court shifted down the Thames to Richmond Palace originally called Sheen. She had it completely rebuilt in the latest architectural style with the latest modern plumbing with water on tap. Henry VII wanted to impress the many members of the Spanish Court who had accompanied the Princess and will report back to her parents. After making sure his bride was pregnant (a child would have entitled him to his wife's estates) Edmund left her to rejoin the wars, was captured, released, and died of the plague three months later.

Arthur's grandmother, Henry VII's mother, was born Margaret Beaufort. Margaret's third husband (from 1458 to 1471) was Henry Stafford.

Arthur was led in a procession into his bride's bedroom. When aged about 10, John de la Pole's parents found a new bride for him, and they were divorced in 1453.

Margaret's 4th husband (and his second wife) was Thomas, Lord Stanley, 1st Earl of Derby, and King of Mann (the island).

As one of the Inquisitors was to state: "..main purpose of the trial and executions is not to save the soul of the accused but to put fear into others".

It continued in Spain and Spanish colonies into the 19th century.

The royal wedding was followed by a tournament and more ceremonies at Westminster Palace, and a performance produced by William Cornish.


The young couple's first official night together was carefully orchestrated by Henry VII's mother.

In October 1501, Prince Arthur, eldest son of King Henry VII and Queen Elizabeth, was married to the Princess Catalina (later known in England as Katherine of Aragon).


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