Cartoon sex chatbot


Since its launch in August 2017, has become the no.1 top performing science/tech show on Facebook Watch with over 25M video views, nearly 600K Followers, 16M minutes watched, 200K engagements and a total reach of 65M people.In France, as in several other countries, some political lobbyists grumble that some residents abuse their state advantages.For instance citizens might do this by (fraudulently) claiming to be disabled (an usual motif in the UK media).In France, each new child birth gives you the right to claim social benefits like financial support etc.Because of this, an usual motif in conservative rhetoric in France is the concept of “well-being queens” (women are pregnant many times to get the social benefits ).


To best deliver an entertaining and scientifically accurate narrative, we turned to Carin Bondar, biologist, TV host and author of an entire book about the intricacies of animal courtship, to assist with the series' writing and voice-overs.Murder is never reasonable, particularly versus animes or composed word.


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