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Also Christina Grimmie was known all over the World and her career started with homemade cover videos.

Max & Harvey are today’s promising stars and they also can benefit modern social media. In many lists on the Internet, Sam Tsui is the most popular singer on You Tube.

He is known for covers and also his original music being an American songwriter and video producer along his great singing talent.

Sam has almost 3 million subscribers and his most popular video has over 36 million views.

Shortly after the release of Just a Nice Guy, the group started to design and sell their own brand of shirts.

As their popularity and fanbase increased, they began to design stuffed animals, keychains, clothing and other "Nice Guy" apparel.


Shawn Mendes is an example of a famous celebrity that became better known because of You Tube.He graduated from Mills High School in 2002, and attended the University of California, San Diego.In 2004, he met Phil and Ted through a visual arts class they took together, and the three began making short films and projects together.For example his newest piece has a cool music video: Were these You Tubers familiar to you? If your favorite singer from You Tube hasn’t been introduced so far, maybe we will meet him/her next time! ☀️ – Sam Tsui’s official website, Bio – Jackie Evancho’s official website, : About Jackie – Website of Higa Tv, About Ryan Higa Sing On Ltd. It has previously developed a web browser based service called and karaoke service for Play Station 3.

Karaoke Game mobile application is part of Sing On brand having the special lyrics display that shows melody’s pitch with letters so singer can read the lyrics and learn songs’ melodies at the same time.

v=oifnu Re8LFI Be sure to subscribe to Andy's channel!


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