Cbc special internet dating


Thanks again, Hi Cara, I actually met someone at your event a year and a bit ago, and we have moved in together!

Funny how things work out..you remember that I kept calling you trying to get into the event and then afterwards I was called out of town and had missed the timeline to respond and you forwarded e-mails to my two matches?

I have never moved in with someone or declared my love for someone due to my past...

but I have taken chance after chance with Guy because he makes me feel so safe and protected that my chances won't fail.

On Valentines Day the man of my life proposed to me on the beach.

We met 2 years ago at Zodiak coffee house, first guy that sat down :) So I am now officially off the market...wedding to follow next year..another success story for you.

We have been dating for 6 weeks and the relationship is going exceptionally well , we are both very very happy .

Take care, Hi Cara, Just to let you know that Six Minute Dates does work!


but we are together, we are in love and we owe it to your company for the opportunity to meet. Both Guy and I wish you and your company many successes as we both have our own companies, we know how tough things can be!

When I told them I didn't understand why I had to change they told me that it doesn't matter - I don't have to understand the rules, I just have to comply by them.'Lauren Paquay, 15, showed up wearing shorts in support of Stocker.

She said the dress code verification - making girls stand up with their arms by their sides to ensure their outfits are fingertip length - is 'humiliating.''People are being judged for the way they dress, they have to change because boys look at them.

You were also a fantastic host that made it fun and relaxed.

G After meeting a man at one of your events in November, I am off the market! Hi, Just thought I would drop you a line and let you know that I met my fiance at Six Minute Dates, here in Calgary, in May 2004.The boys should be the ones who have to learn to treat women better and look at them in a different light,' she told CBC.



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