A big thank you to Simone and Kevin for making this class a reality, and to all of...

The folks from Aerie gathered today – just in time for the 4th of July – for a PFC hosted Fish Fry at one of the Test Areas on the Marshall Space Flight Center side of the house.

In the near future, we’ll have the recording from the 30th Anniversary celebration in Huntsville with Susan and Jimmy talking to our folks... The ERC family continues to grow with our newest contract, IRES (Integrated Research & Development for Enterprise Solutions), supporting the Missile Defense Agency with locations in Colorado Springs and Huntsville. Because of the generosity of our employees that support the ERC Helping Hands Charitable Giving Fund, the following grants were made possible in 2017: In Huntsville: The Alzheimer’s Association: ,500 Christian Women’s Job Corp of Madison: ,000 Free to Teach: ,000 HEALS, Inc. The project aircraft was a Howard DGA-15P, flying from the St. Each took turns in separate flights, on the controls and observing flight test techniques, and spent approximately an hour in the air for each flight. It is with great pleasure that we welcome the SEMATS 2 team to the ERC Family!

The new ERC IRES employees in Colorado Springs recently came together for a Meet & Greet with Mike Finnicum, the new Program Manager, Ernie and some of the folks from HR. (Health Establishments at Local Schools): ,000 Huntsville Community Drumline: ,000 305 8th Street: ,000 Harris Home for Children: ,500 Big Brothers/Big Sisters: ,2... Several folks from AFTD (RWESS) attend training session: 3 ERC flight test engineers attend a short course at the U. Today, Monday, October 23, marks day one of this new contract at Eglin Air Force Base in Florida.

Here are the comments from Nathan: “…ERC’s donation was able to help us and the people of Beaumont, TX far more than we could have...

ERC RPS employee receives President’s Call to Service Award!


If you missed the video, you can still view it on ERCNet.

Last week, the transition team and ERC management met with the new employees and had a Meet and Greet so we could meet the families too.


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