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Men are constantly communicating how they feel about a woman and giving away big secrets about themselves.If you don't know how to read through the signals men send, then you'll get the wrong message.Getting the wrong messages from men causes women more pain and heartache than any other issue around.


And more importantly, I wasn't even at a place in my life where I knew how to or was interested in developing a deep and committed relationship - with ANYONE. But until you accept that lots of women do this AND that YOU could be doing it on some level, you'll NEVER have the success with men that you choose and want. Lot's of women don't even consciously see that they do this because the process is so obvious and simple for them. As you probably already know, men are generally more visual. In the desire to please a man, women are constantly doing things to get a man's attention, to get him to like them or to make him more attracted or in love with them. Lots of women mistakenly think that doing unusual things to try and get a guys attention will make him magically see what a great catch they are and want to be with them. Men YOU TRULY WANT are never attracted to the types of women who kiss up to them, make weak plays for affection or complain to get what they want... You don't have to act like an “easy” woman for men to like you, and you certainly don't have to play like he's some gift to the Earth. This signals to the man that you're just like one of those “clingy” stereotype women who want to rush into a relationship and can't control yourself from wanting a man to fulfill them and complete their lives. But you can only see these secret communications if you know what to look for.

It's been a very rewarding experience, and it's how I became fascinated with the female perspective in the dating world.

I've helped women get rid of that sick, insecure feeling...

Do you know any women who want the man they're dating to behave differently? And just like me, I'm sure you have friends who date guys who don't have much going for them or who don't treat them very well. Women (and men) don't base their choices of men on how “nice” or “good” someone is to them day-to-day. Well, to put it simply, they confuse the strong attraction they feel for the guy with a deeper “connection”. The potential for something better and the potential for me to change and be a better lover, boyfriend, companion or whatever... And one thing that turns an attractive men off and sends him running away faster than just about anything... The signals men send have 4 main levels:1) Social: Where the man is at in his own life - stability, confidence, direction2) Emotional: Whether or not he's “emotionally available”3) Physical: If he's attracted to you... You need to learn to recognize these signals to get anywhere serious with a man. I've studied peoples behavior, “inner psychology” and more specifically how they think and act when they're dating.

Somehow these women always have an excuse for the guy's shortcomings. Women choose the men they do because they feel a powerful GUT LEVEL ATTRACTION for them. Some women will continue to put up with a guy that doesn't treat them very well. Women who do this are doomed to end up in failed relationships with the “wrong” guys. The truth was, I was hopelessly bad at these things at the time. When a woman sees a man, she can very quickly pick apart certain things about his style, body language, status and character that will tell her all kinds of things about him. Things like being sexy for a man or encouraging him to share his feelings can be good, but it has to be genuine, unselfish, and most of all timely. It's a woman who starts saying “You know, I really, REALLY like you” after one or two dates. and for what reasons4) Love State: If he's open to building and growing a relationship in the future The funny thing is that men send signals in these areas completely on accident. From what I've seen, both men and women have their own secret ways of saying things.

When a man just isn't interested, women will try and chase, compliment, convince and do their best to change his mind with logical and rational approaches. And if you don't know HOW to find this out, and you just sit there looking at him and flirting, or trying things you think will make him want you, he won't help! This mistake keeps women from EVER having the kind of success and finding the kind of man and relationship that they truly want. It frustrated the hell out of me and I made the decision to do whatever it took to help the women I knew learn how to be successful with men and dating.


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