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My coworker keeps telling me I need a makeover I have a coworker (I work in retail) who constantly makes comments about my hair — that I dont “style” it (I keep it in a ponytail at work so it doesn’t get in my way when I am working).

I don’t wear makeup to work either, and she constantly makes comments on that, saying things like “you should put makeup on.” She even told me in a tone that was not very nice that one day she needs to take me to get a makeover.

My local boss — who lives with me in this provided home, which is another can of worms — has commented several times on how I should use the car, and how I shouldn’t be using it for personal reasons.

Since this local boss wasn’t part of my contract negotiations — we were hired together — I said that this was part of my contract and that it was my car, and as such I could do what I wanted with it.

) so it feels really weird to point something like this out, but I know if I were reviewing this resume for hiring, the email would seem weird to me.

I don’t think this is so egregious that you need to mention it.


Your boss is definitely out of line, but the entire thing is weird — particularly the part about you two living together, which you didn’t even get into here, and which actually seems like a bigger, weirder deal.

If he’s an otherwise strong candidate, hiring managers aren’t likely to reject him for having Wind In The [email protected] his email address.


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