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They are academically successful but have no interest in questioning what the mass media and pop culture is selling them.Depression, anxiety, the prevalent use of marijuana, and hook-ups outside of any established “relationship” are all taken for granted by them and their peers. When your autistic teen daughter suddenly says that she “feels like a guy” and all the other adults around her capitulate to this …It’s good that you can talk to your kids about difficult things, but the question is whether you’ve talked to them about important things.I love my mother (my father wasn’t in the picture for the most part), who was wise and good and worked very hard to support me, but I often wonder how my life might have been different if she had explicitly set out to explain to me what’s important in life. In fact outside of her admittedly powerful example, she gave me very little guidance whatsoever.


) are just as appalled by what is happening as I am — and are just as determined to fight it.In advance of the Republic of Ireland's referendum on whether to legalize abortion in certain circumstances, a pro-life group came under fire when they used the Ed Sheeran song "Small Bump" during a rally.A foster mother who has helped dozens of children and adopted 11 kids has expressed her objections to states that punish faith-based adoption groups who oppose for religious reasons to referring children to same-sex couples.I certainly learned many important things from that example, such as bourgeois values and an abiding love for family, but I feel that much of my 20’s was spent (wasted, really) utterly adrift in life.

I mean, if you looked at me you probably wouldn’t have thought of me that way, but that would be primarily thanks to those bourgeois values.

“Happiness” in the emotional sense after all is quite subjective (and complicated), but when it comes to physiological pleasures people are remarkably consistent.


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    Casual sex was something we watched on and were content leaving it there.

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