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For the unofficial region in Spain, see Southern Basque Country., CAV) is an autonomous community in northern Spain. For the larger Basque region, see Basque Country (greater region).The Basque Country borders Cantabria and the Burgos province to the west, the Bay of Biscay to the north, France (Nouvelle-Aquitaine) and Navarre to the east and La Rioja (the Ebro River) to the south.The territory has three distinct areas, which are defined by the two parallel ranges of the Basque Mountains.The three areas are: Formed by many valleys with short rivers that flow from the mountains to the Bay of Biscay, like the Nervión, Urola or Oria.


The Basque Country or Basque Autonomous Community was granted the status of nationality within Spain, attributed by the Spanish Constitution of 1978.

I will be recommending this restaurant and the server Ben to my family and friends.

Pros This Country Club has an incredible view of the Golf Course! Cons I will need more space to define Management at Congressional Country Club:1- Dating Management will get you a promotion2- Employees are not treated with respect. Management or HR will not help3- Congressional has a history of legal issues related to race discrimination4- They want you to believe they care about their employees however, Management is completely disconnected with them.5- Poor compensation if you are not part of their drinking - dating group..

Members are invited to offer suggestions for activities.

We extend an invitation for all singles in our area to join us at one of our free Weekly "Discussion and Social" meetups at PM in the Christ Church Library with its entrance in the midst of the cloister walkway behind the open grass area (254 East Putnam Ave., Greenwich CT 06830).

The main range of mountains forms the watershed between the Atlantic and Mediterranean basins.


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