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Saved needlepoint shop from bankruptcy; works there often. • Anne Windfohr Marion Fort Worth • Inheritance (Oil and Gas) • 53 0 million Assets Oil, cattle, and some 450,000 acres corralled by her great-grandfather Chisolm trail cowboy Burk Burnett.

Marion took over the operations when her mother, Anne Tandy, died in 1980.


Robert sold New York’s Plaza hotel to Donald Trump. Grocery • 54 0 million Assets Butt sits at the head of the table of family-owned H. Troubled real estate investments combined with decreased oil and gas production lower estimate. Caroline plunged into the luxury hotel and real estate market, while Margaret largely stuck with managing Hassie’s and her oil and gas interests.

That’s Life Respected for business acumen and bird-hunting prowess.

“It’s in her genes,” says a friend, referring to Burnett’s shooting of two men in self-defense.

Plans to keep hand in hotel business “until I get kicked out, I guess.” • George Phydias Mitchell Houston • Oil and Gas • 73 0 million, DOWN million from 1991.

Shrinking exploration and production leads to office closings and pushes Mitchell Energy and Development stock down.

Assets Controlling interest in publicly help Mitchell Energy and Development, an independent gas producer and real estate developer in Houston and Galveston.


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