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It was the year that brought major breaches at Equifax (where 143 million customers had information leaked), Pizza Hut and the NHS amongst others. We need to see a continuing improvement in the relevant regulations as apply to cyber security.

Cyber security was the issue on every business leaders mind and people have been getting there house in order with GDPR on the horizon. The dynamic and fast-moving nature of cyber security outpaces regulation which is far too slow and clumsy to be of any benefit and might actually hinder security by building a culture of compliance with regulations and a false sense of security against enemies who are agile, motivated, and clever.

They get many stalking cases (photos of attractive women attract stalkers like blood attracts sharks).

But since Linked In is more business than social, it might be more responsive than the appalling Facebook policies (ever-shifting and hard to find the “controls”).

Cyber Stalking (or cyberstalking) is the hidden threat of the Internet.


Also, a malicious virus can infect a friend's computer without your friend knowing about it. • If you know the stalker, send him/her a clear written request to stop.

Do this once only, then never again communicate with the stalker. • If the stalking continues, complain to the stalker's Internet service provider (ISP), as well as your own ISP.

Many ISP’s have tools that block messages from specific individuals.

Making matters worse are the social media sites (Twitter, etc.) that try to connect you more closely to strangers. On her own, she found out the name, reported it to police and they arrested a 29-year-old woman. Obsessive stalkers target two million people – the average case lasting 18 months.

And matchmaking sites often have “rejection revenge.” A woman was cyber-stalked for five years. And roughly 80% of stalkers target more victims after being convicted of one crime.

A woman recently removed her nameplate from the tenant directory at her apartment building, and asked the landlord to disconnect the buzzer, and is changing her phone number.


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