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Dan had also been the victim of constant attacks from Jerry, with Jerry repeatedly referring to Dan as a 'Judas' and accusing him of "hiding behind his cross." Jerry even stated at the veto meeting that he wanted Dan on the block because he believed he is a "Judas," to which Dan simply replied, "I understand." Jerry didn't use the veto that week.In Week 6, Dan won the Po V but chose not to use it. After turning on a deal made with Ollie, Dan nominated Michelle as a replacement when Memphis saved himself.She graduated from Doane College in Crete, NE with a bachelor's degree in Sports and Fitness Management. While in the house, April had a romantic relationship with Ollie, with the two also working together.She also had rocky relationships with Keesha and Libra, who she formed an alliance with the first week.April won the fourth Head of Household competition of the season, and nominated Jessie and Memphis for eviction.Despite April's heavy campaigning for Memphis to leave, her allies turned against her and Jessie was evicted.Numerous people in the house disliked April, mainly Keesha, Renny, and Memphis.



Brian returned to the season briefly in the fifth week, as the host of the "In the News" food competition.

The House Guests are complete strangers for the first time since Big Brother 3.



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