Dating a guy who has a kid

Your partner has every right to come to you with his problems....would you prefer he took those issues to another person?I'd say suck it up and stop whining about it all and try to be supportive of the hubby and child.Why didnt you explaine to his child that you were both married and married people sleep in the same room in the same bed????You should be happy that your bf is spending time with his child and putting his child first. OH why not date a DEADBEAT DAD Like that you won't have that problem.... Because she wants to be loved and respected by a partner whom she has devoted herself to?At least give your ex a bit a credit for putting his child first, alot of men out there have turned theit backs on their kid/s.If you are suppose to be #1 with your partner then you need to accept that he has a child and you need to understand and accept that child as your own and as having a part of your life.A child needs more love and attention than a mature adult...use to it.Why do you have to saty home alone on weekend and holidays?


And if you have to sit there and compete with his child, or I should say feel like you have to then thereare some serious issues there.

I agree with other's about a) you being selfish and b) you needing to date guy with no children.

Any parent will put their child first before anyone else unless you are a dead beat parent.

Yes I agree it is wrong of your ex husband to make you sleep on the couch when his child was there but why didnt you tell him no?

Why didnt you make HIM sleep on the couch if it was such a big issue with him?

if you're suppost to be ONE with your mate, how the hell can a child come before you??? When kids are in the picture, you have someone else's life to care for.


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