Dating after cancer diagnosis

Other times, patients will be having symptoms, often symptoms of a retinal detachment,” Orloff said.“They go to an eye doctor, they get referred to a retinal specialist, and then ultimately to an ocular oncologist who makes the diagnosis.” In 2001, Allyson Allred, an Auburn University graduate living in Hoover, Alabama, received an OM diagnosis.The couple, who met as part of a supper club, started dating after his initial diagnosis.“He knew there was something weird about the vision in the right eye.


The Birmingham, Alabama, architect started experiencing vision problems in his right eye and went for an exam. “He had some sort of wave or distortion in his vision,” said Susan Mc Williams, Mark Mc Williams’ wife.Symptoms of OM include blurry or distorted vision, a blind spot in your vision, seeing “flashing” lights, or a dark spot in your field of vision.As the cancer progresses, you may notice that the shape of your pupil changes. “Sometimes it will get picked up on a routine eye exam.“We were going along, fighting it, and the whole family was doing research on it,” Susan said.


“If we hadn’t had the doctors in Philadelphia, he might not have lived six months.But 18 people who lived, worked, or spent substantial amounts of time in the town since 2000 have received diagnoses of OM.


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    "It's so cute and it's so fun, and I love that at times -- when you're solid, you're solid and it's good -- but when you're not, it can not be. Now it's all the three million people are like, 'I ship it! "It's not that things aren't gonna be scary, it's not that opportunities aren't going to come that are going to seem very fearful, but it's that you live a fearless life," she explained.

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    Their phone-based app, which they plan to officially roll out in February, combines genetic information with data gleaned from social media posts to create user profiles.

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