Dating agency bangkok

We arrange photographs of the ladies to help you make your selection.We do not allow digitally enhanced photos or studio produced photos as we insist on a true likeness of the lady in question within any photo displayed.Irrespective of where a lady is from the same checks and procedures for enrolment applied.We do all we can to ensure that your search for a Thai wife is successful in finding genuine love and honesty from any of our ladies We are not interested in creating a vast numbers of enrolled members to make us look big but we are interested in genuine people, family minded, honest and seeking the love and security that only marriage can bring.That means we are here from the start as soon as you arrive to give a truly personal and professional service supported by years of experience and service guarantees.In looking at other marriage agencies in Thailand beware of some companies and their claims.

Most of our members are between 21 and 60 and have good education and employment history, many with professional careers such as teaching, commerce and banking.If any lady cannot meet these standards they will not be enrolled within the agency.Even after registration should facts or actions be known to break that code they will be removed from our register.You may think an office in the UK or USA sounds good but the service is provided in Thailand and not the UK or US.

So when you pay them large deposits and fees very difficult to get your money back when they don't / cant deliver the service as not registered in either country All ladies register free with our company following an interview at our office having provided us with a check-able record of employment, marital status, and family background.

We are known nationally and internationally as an exclusive introduction agency.


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