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They have plenty of big clients including Danone Group, Nestle, Heinz, Hero Group, Eva Pharma, and much more.Clients highlighted their effective strategies, fair pricing, strong communication skills, and an ability to seamlessly integrate apps and games with the rest of their marketing efforts.

Agencies in Cairo quickly took advantage of the new opportunity and added to their services.

They’re made up of a young and motivated team with a hunger for success.

They manage the local/regional pages for IKEA, Netflix, and Arsenal to name a few.

Could it be an HR issue or is this particular agency overwhelmed?


While Kijamii might be a victim of its own success, it doesn’t change the fact that they’re one of the top 10 social media agencies in Cairo and one we’d recommend.Some agencies went as far as making social their main focus.


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    It’s an unorthodox move that has distorted financial markets and triggered complaints that the strategy is backfiring.

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