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The later pogroms are just going to be a repeat of this idea.

The Jews were not the only ― and in fact, not the primary ― victims of the Crusaders. All the brutality directed toward them devastated the Arab peoples economically, pushed the Islamic world to be more reactionary and closed, and contributed to Arab hatred of the West. One explanation is that it was the color of the blue-eyed northern Europeans that came to slay them.) There were altogether ten Crusades covering a swath of time between the 11th through the 13th centuries: That's the picture in a nutshell.

Not only didn't the Church fight this injustice, the Church helped to create it, and profited handsomely from it.

The Church supported the inequality of the feudal system through its various dogmatic formulations, which strongly implied that God Himself wants things this way, that poverty has great spiritual value, and that the king is a divinely ordained human being whose authority cannot be questioned. Because the Church was "a major player" in the feudal game.

They offered an outlet for the ambitions of land-hungry knights and noblemen.

But when it began to crumble, Rome began to assert itself. However, before we can discuss the Crusades and how they impacted the Jews, we must first set the stage and go back in history.

Early in its history, the Church started to acquire land.

At first, the Church took over the properties of pagan temples and temple priests.

Its aim was to beat back the "infidels" (as Christians called their fellow monotheists) and to recapture the Holy Land.

In his sermon the Pope declared: A grave report has come has come from the lands of Jerusalem and from the city of Constantinople that a people from the kingdom of the Persians, a foreign race, a race absolutely alien to God..invaded the land of those Christians [and] has reduced the people with sword, rapine and fire...

As they were marching along they got the idea that they might as well get rid of the infidels in their midst ― namely the Jews.


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