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' OL' AUK l N' Vl TUn AN'1 It Kl Jl'li STHO . In the laborer's future there is only the grave and the workhouse.

(Matsopt'o, To All Farmers or Grangers of Clatsop County. w iixnix i i inn :7 MMrr Mjjir V, TUTT' S HAIR DYE. The future does not attract his gaze and givo him restful hours in thought; ho cannot think of a time when work will bo done nnd he will be free to go and como and rest as he will. -WALTKIi 1' AUKS, - i-itoi'ititrroii STAUK MANACKK ICniru Henient of an unlir SEW TROITK MISS HELENA RICHMAN.

l-til TUTT' S PILLS SYMPTOMS OF A TORPID LIVER Loss of Appotlte, Bowels costivfl. The idea of looking within the borders of their own state and conceding the superior claims of Astoria never occurs. Perish the thought: rather ship up to Walla Walla, and trundle the grain across to the Soumttbat way, than follow the course nature pointed out and float the grain down to the sea to be loaded at a seaport for ocean shipment. A whiter in the nineteenth Century thus sketches the present oondition of the English laborer: We find ourselves face to face with the laborer on 85 a week.

Even the erstwhile boast concerning Columbia City is. The bridges, on'e near Kalama, the other at Portland are too, much.


M PLUMBING, GAS FITTING, AND CANNERY WORK Attended to Promptly on Reasonable Terms.

Will sail tor TILLAMOOK, Saturday, May 26th, at 6 A.

to Hotels, aloous, Restaurants, or Fainilies, leaving heir orders with hhn. KHn Kinney, ut Astoria, will ho p&iponed to Wednesday, next, at 4 r.

Any informal Ion loading to her recovery It'll at 'lie undershnied address will bo Hber- ally rewiuded.


Kinder will be rewarded bv leavinu at In Ion raeklnu com pany's ollloe. Hidden will please direct cojuumiucnllons to the undersigned, 3tallii)i amount bid for. Sizemoro voluntarily took The odium and penalty on nimsoir for the sake of his brother and his family. Two men wero frozen to death while making a trip on snow-nhues from John Day creek, on S tlnton ner, over tho mountains into Flo-roncc, I.


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