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There are lots of people who are simply enthralled with surprises or mysteries and this is where bling dating becomes interesting.When you don’t have the slightest idea about a person with whom you are going to meet, it automatically adds a unique layer of excitement and euphoria in the whole process of dating.As we all know life is unpredictable, so who knows where a blind dating can take two unknown individuals in their future life.May be they could start dating each other seriously or can even tie up nuptials for a life long journey.I've done it a few different times but the keep up sucks so I went back to trimming instead..I were with a man who I was in a relationship with and that was HIS preference I suppose I would oblige him...might even make it part of foreplay LOL!I've noticed that a lot of men are shaving these days as well....doesn't really matter to me whether a man does this or not but if he does he should keep it up cause it can get a bit prickly for lack of a better description LMAO!Apart from writing for his passion to gain and spread knowledge, he is presently working with a reputed e-commerce company.He has shared his ideas and forums with various online portals, sites, forums and other blogging platforms.


As two individuals are meeting each other for the first time in a blind dating, so there is virtually a lot of stuff to talk about.

I guess there are people that don't mind getting a few short and curlies go down their throat when they are performing oral sex. Think about when you have to go to the bathroom, sweat, and when you have your 'monthly'. i shave cause getting pubic hair pulled during sex or just doing normal things like walking doesnt feel to good....


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