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Map circa 1758 showing the Hudson River from Albany to Fort Edward, the Mohawk and Hoosic rivers, Schoharie Creek, roads and villages adjacent, and some landowners.

Includes descriptive notes, some indicate number of families in each village.

Depicts the dotted border of pre-Treaty of Paris, 1763, from 45th parallel south along the Appalachians; "Louisiane" in western border.

French map ca.1783 covering the area from the Great Lakes to South Carolina and from the Atlantic coast to the Mississippi River.

A general map of the middle British colonies, in America : containing Virginia, Maryland, the Delaware counties, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey ; with the addition of New York, and of the greatest part of New England, as also of the bordering parts of the province of Quebec... French map from 1782, depicting parts of New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, including areas bordering on the Hudson and Delaware Rivers, as well as Lakes Champlain and Ontario.

A map of the Province of New-York, reduc'd from the large drawing of that Province, compiled from actual surveys by order of His Excellency William Tryon, Esqr., Captain General & Governor of the same, by Claude Joseph Sauthier; to which is added New-Jersey, from the topographical observations of C. Map created in 1747, showing western New York, Pennsylvania, Canada and the Great Lakes. Colden's Memoir and presented to the mayor of the city of New York at the celebration of the completion of the New York Canals in 1825.

Mappa geographica Provinci Nova Eboraci ab Anglis New-York dict ex ampliori delineatione ad exactas dimensiones concinnata in arctius spatium redacta cura Claudii Josephi Sauthier cui accedit Nova Jersey ex topographicis observationibus.




It lost the status of prince-bishopric but remains the main religious centre in the country.

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